20210208 Christianity 101

Monday Musings for February 08, 2021

Good morning, Musers,

Today, I introduce something new: The Mainsail Academy. Here’s why.

To date, I’ve posted about 760 articles, most of which are questions-and-answers. But because these “come in over the transom,” they are topically eclectic… and except as an example of the Holy Spirit sending the topics he wants to emphasize over the spiritual ether (via the pulpit, internet, radio, TV, printed media and discussion with your friends), their order is meaningless.

I also post one devotional thought per month. These, too, (more or less) come over the transom. They are all ideas that jump out at me while I engage with Scripture (and/or the world), and I’ve accumulated quite a few (108 so far). But these too are topically eclectic, and except for my habit of alternating between the Old and the New Testaments each month, they are as random as my questions-and-answers.

So, it’s time to start something purposeful — something systematic. I’ve decided on Christianity 101 — a survey of the things you ought to know to engage with Christianity optimally. They are written to be 15-minute video segments, but since I’m still a “one-man army” (who can’t quite get over the hump of producing a video), you get the transcript, not the video.

So, if you know someone interested in producing videos and managing social media as a ministry — that is, not for pay — have them contact me. (Most digital consumers use YouTube regularly, so I’d like to post some of my teachings there, develop a YouTube channel and take advantage of some other social media outlets. But I can’t do all those things while still creating content… so please help.)

Many unbelievers dismiss Christianity out of hand. They assume that the Bible cannot coexist peaceably with science. That’s not at all the case. I present a reasonable Christianity — one that considers all the data. So, whether that data is biblical, spiritual, philosophical or physical, I’ll show how the Christian worldview makes more sense of those data than the secular alternatives.

But unbelievers are not my only target. Believers too may refuse to engage with the extra-biblical data fairly and sensibly. When it comes to the Bible, they are fideists, not students, and when it comes to creation, they ignore believers like Nicolaus Copernicus, Isaac Newton and William Paley — people who let the data speak… and who advanced human knowledge in the process.

Mainsail Academy can help people build a hardy worldview — one based on sensible, explainable and defendable Christianity. We’re featuring Lesson 1 today; this is the introduction to the course. It explains the course’s contents and how I intend to deliver the goods. As such, it’s slightly longer than my usual offerings, but I think even seasoned Christians can benefit from the methodology.

So, join me in this new adventure — send help! — and as always, enjoy the musings.

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