Why does the world hate us Christians so much?

Monday Musings for June 14, 2021

Good morning, Musers,

Over the years I have gotten good (and bad!) advice from a variety of people who were not necessarily Christians... older people at work or in the neighborhood… who looked and sounded like they had life figured out— at least on some level.

One day I was shaking my head over the actions of a manager who had the “gift” of killing ideas right out of the gate, and one of my more seasoned coworkers gave me some life-changing insight. He said, “Don’t take it to heart, Evan. It’s him, not you. One sign of an ignorant man is that he puts down what he does not understand, and that’s what’s going on here.”

I took some comfort from these words. My friend was near the truth… just not right on top of it. It is an arrogant man that puts down what he doesn’t understand… not an ignorant man.

Now, don’t get me wrong: ignorance is often a factor in arrogance. But ignorance is a passive fault. It can be corrected without prejudice through the gathering of facts. Arrogance, however, is a heart problem — it’s a pride problem… and pride is arguably the “highest” sin there is.

My friend’s “near miss” notwithstanding, our exchange was still life-changing. I decided never to “be” that guy… uninformed and opinionated. This is why I make every effort to verify data and understand my opponents’ best arguments before I challenge their ideas.

What do I do to achieve that lofty goal? One thing I don’t do is take Christianity’s critics — as a category of people — and declare them moot … as Critical Race Theory (CRT) does to the establishment. Under CRT, “oppressors” have no seat at the table. My “oppressors” would be the set of all anti-Christian critics… but without them, how could I make progress in my thinking?

Today’s earnest seeker wants to know why Christians are attacked so energetically and disproportionately on the internet. Why are the attacks so vitriolic, he asks … why all the name-calling? Why is the level of hatred greater than when they critique other faiths?

One answer to those “why” questions is that people who criticize us on that level do not understand true Christianity — biblical Christianity. Instead, they project a caricature of Christianity... where we Christians are a right-wing cabal of ignorant Bible thumpers… and a group like that cannot help but draw fire from people who want to free Western civilization from its clutches.

My question is if the CRT movement kills our voices — and this can happen in America — will Christianity simply go away? No. The Church grows under stress! The American Church has a lot to learn from the Church’s history... and from our oppressed brethren around the globe. So, be warned: under CRT, our “success” could be the rallying point that ends Western civilization!

Now, I love free speech — and I’ll fight to defend it! But if we lost it, its demise would redound to God’s glory. That’s not what I want for our country — but the ancient Jews didn’t want a trip to Babylon either… but they tolerated and then worshipped idols. What are you tolerating?


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