Is Progressive Christianity correct about Historic Christianity?

Monday Musings for September 13, 2021

Good morning, Musers,

Satan continually opposes God. One of the ways he does this is by attacking God’s people — and one of the ways he does that is by attacking the institutions that support human flourishing. The institution of marriage, for instance… and the family comes quickly to mind. We know that he is “at” these because they are cornerstones of society, and they are demonstrably eroding.

But let’s go back to before there was a people called Israel. God still had “his” people… like Noah, Abraham and Job. But Satan must have fanned the flames of paganism. It was everywhere! And judging by the proliferation of multi-wife families, he was already chipping away at the Edenic ideal of two — one male and one female — becoming one flesh (Genesis 2:24).

After Israel became a nation, Satan attacked the Jews in particular. He tried to thwart God’s purposes in establishing the Messiah, the written law and a homeland for Israel. Later, he attacked the Messiah himself… trying to stop his birth (Matthew 2:13) and then his ministry (Matthew 4:1-17). Today, Satan attacks what is most precious to Jesus — his Church — which is his body (1 Corinthians 12:27) and his bride (Revelation 21:9). That brings us up to date.

I want you to notice that every attack on God’s people — and, therefore, on his purposes — is of the same category: rebellion against the institutions of God. Satan himself rebelled… and his method is to suborn rebellion in others. The attacks vary in detail, but not in aegis. Satan is in charge. He is the federal head of everything that opposes God (John 8:44).

Enter Progressive Christianity… the latest in a long line of evil enterprises. But this one is an all-too-common sub-type… the type where the perpetrators — people who are doing Satan’s work — say they are speaking for God. Nominal Christians are simply lapping this up.

In war, it’s not uncommon for an enemy to sail under a false flag. Now, strategists know that the enemy often does this… so they are continually on the alert. They ask, “Is that truly our ship?” … and they are justifiably wary. If they let the enemy through their defenses thinking that they are allies, their country could be dealt a devastating blow.

Progressive Christianity is that enemy ship… and it is running a false flag operation. If you don’t identify it, sin — which is crouching at the door of your churches — will get in (Genesis 4:7).

Are you committed to the doctrines like biblical inerrancy and the deity of Christ? Progressive Christianity is not. They claim that, by being less dogmatic (which they say is the humble position), they are the ones who are the true servants of God. “How can we really know what the Bible says, anyway?” … they say… beating their chests in contrition for the centuries of abuse that the historic church has ostensibly foisted upon its people.

So you have to ask yourself, have two-thousand years of Spirit-led and protected scholarship given us doctrines that are corrupt in the main? I say no — and you should say no too. Say no to Progressive Christianity.


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