Is human consciousness enough to prove that God exists?

Monday Musings for March 07, 2022

Good morning, Musers,

Psalm 139:14 tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. To that, I say, amen! But what exactly does that mean... being careful as always not to develop a doctrine out of a single poetic verse. The answer is obvious if we look within... because we are the only species that does that!

Admittedly, combining introspection with free will puts us at risk of being self-absorbed. But who can blame us? God made us to be self-aware... and any characteristic that begins with the word “self” has the potential to go sidewards — or should I say inwards — and that is today’s point. The way God created human beings is part of his revelation to the world. We are made in his image... and many people who have never read a Bible have a feeling that something extraordinary is happening with the uniqueness of human beings.

The revelation in humankind is one of the eleven ways that I see God revealing himself. But that is not today’s thesis. My thesis is that God’s revelation is broader than his special revelation (the Bible) and broader than his general revelation (the physical creation). His metaphysical creations are just as revealing about his character as the Himalayas are about his deity and power.

So, is this proof that God exists? Well... “proof” is a strong word for those of us who have become used to crime-scene-investigation shows. Human exceptionalism is one of the many pieces of evidence for the existence of God. There is no proof per se. He has fine-tuned his evidence as he has finely tuned everything else... to preserve free will. Those who look earnestly for God tend to find him. Those who look for him with blinders on, usually do not find him.

I’m good with how God does this.. by the way… but then again, I’ve got mine. I have responded to God’s revelation in his Son, Jesus Christ. But that was not always so. As a youth, I was a theist… although a panentheist. But even though I had not engaged with Christ “officially,” I had engaged with the promises of Romans 1:18-20. I acknowledged his power and deity... and the God who created the universe preserved me until I encountered the revelation of Jesus Christ.

You see, although I love my Bible, I worship Jesus Christ. He is the Word of God (John 1:1). Getting to where you worship him as the Father wants you to worship him is a process... processes have steps, steps take time… and the path to saving faith in Jesus Christ is different for different people. So, be patient with yourself and others. God is not through with us yet!

Now, I’m no Pollyanna. I realize that humans excel at being evil, small, selfish and shortsighted. But the fact that we do even evil things extraordinarily is evidence of human exceptionalism! I do not doubt that somewhere in the history of humankind that a person has looked at how excellently he was performing an evil act… and saw his Creator through that revelation. If you are that person, please report in; I’d love to hear your story!


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