What's with some New-Age adherents who claim to know Jesus' vibrations?

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Question: I met a family outside a "New Age" exhibition on Saturday. They said that they've met Jesus, but they are not Christians and don't believe as we "normal" Christians do. The child (25+) told me that they believe that God is in different "frequencies" and that "if God is in us, then we shall be in God. And if God is everywhere, then we are everywhere". They didn't even believe that Jesus will arise one day (in his physical body). Do you know what religion this could be? A mix of New Age and Christianity maybe? 

Answer: The people you encountered outside of the New Age Expo sound like your typical New Age people — and not a Christian/New-Age hybrid. But defining what might be a “typical” New Age person is a bit of a chore. The New Age movement is not a religion per se, nor is it an “organization” with a statement of beliefs; as such, it’s hard to “get a handle” on them. But many “entities” who hold differing (and sometimes opposing) ideologies fall under the New Age “umbrella” … some embracing the New Age ideals, and some (either knowingly or unknowingly) by default.

This is why those people sounded like a mix of things — they are… or at least they purport to be. This means that the New-Agers are not (typically) atheists; they are pantheists. You see, many “entities” of varying beliefs find a home in the New Age movement — but these are more like birds nesting in a tree than like people joining an organization. So — and although the entities are eclectic — if you study enough of them, some basic collective beliefs emerge.

New Age people believe that “all is one” — that is, everything collectively is one essential reality. But they do not think that this reality is dead or unconscious; they believe that it has Being, Awareness and Divinity. Therefore, if “all that is” is Divine, and “all is one,” then man is also divine …and so is your hamster. This is pantheism — and a person who believes that he is one with every other entity in the universe can congruently say that he “knows” Jesus… and this is probably where that statement came from.

But, did he know Jesus like Jesus wants him to know Jesus? (Matthew 16:16) Not at all… and this is the problem. New Age pantheism cannot coexist with an objective truth that rebuts any of its entities — and that’s Christianity; it rebuts everything else (John 14:6).

Think about this: if all of us humans were co-equally divine with all other entities, then we, as deities, would have no sin. As such, there would be no reason for Jesus to have died on the cross; there would be no reason for his bodily resurrection, and there would be no need for his future return to this earth. Therefore, with nothing to redeem, the central tenets of Christianity would be redundant — useless. But In spite of this, the New-Agers still try to fold Christianity into their pantheism … but it just won’t go!

That’s Jesus for you; always causing trouble (John 5:18).

Concerning the “frequencies,” the New-Agers try to capitalize on the fact that everything in the universe vibrates — and because everything vibrates at a certain rate, everything has a knowable frequency. In our physical world, this is how all information is passed: We propagate a signal (which is an energy wave of a known frequency), and then we impose information upon that signal. A receiver can then tune to that frequency and capture the information. If the New-Agers were correct that “all is one,” then vibrations should carry spiritual information, too… but all is not one… and God’s Spirit requires no infrastructure.

The true God is transcendent over the physical creation — and this includes energy waves. As such, his spiritual communications do not ride upon them; they are a different category of phenomena — and that is the basic New Age problem. They’ve made a category error in assuming that spiritual information needs a physical vehicle to seminate. We do indeed communicate with God in a spiritual realm (John 4:24) and in God’s own “frequency” (Romans 8:26). But ours in the true God — and the Spirit of Truth transcends all physical phenomena (John 14:16-17).

Since the New Age people believe that “all is one,” they are philosophically “stuck” with being part of the Divine-All. As such, they are also “stuck” with creation itself. If the universe (or universes) ceased to exist — or even if it just continues as is, winding down to the point of zero information — the New-Agers would cease to exist as entities.

But the souls of human beings are eternal and transcendent: we last forever… and we last forever independent of the physical world (Matthew 25:46; 1 John 5:11). The New-Agers, for all their “spirituality,” are just Materialists at the end of the day… Materialists with a spiritual twist.

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