Can a person trip up God by using a circular square?

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Question: Is it a sin to claim that God can create a universe in which a circular square can exist or that man deserves to be created a sinner?

Answer: As to the first part of your question, no question is sinful in itself — no earnest question, that is. Both biblical and natural theology show that God is truth, so every true thing proceeds from him, and every valid question leads back to him. God wants us to know the truth at any cost!

That being said, the processes used to discover the truth are often sinful… since “people” are the ones who are seeking truth… and every person sins (Romans 3:23). But that has more to do with the second question. The answer to the first part is, since all truth is God’s truth, no earnest question offends him. Now, a handy definition of sin is “that which offends God.” So, since you would not be offending him by asking honest questions, you’d not be sinning.

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We are not done with the first part of your question, though. Our universe may be one of many — or even one of an infinite number — of parallel universes. We can never know this scientifically because we cannot test anything outside of our universe. But we can ask that question philosophically. Indeed, many have! But it does not offend God when we use our intelligence to investigate the truth. He gave us the intelligence to do just that (Romans 1:18-20; 2:14-15).

So, here is what is at issue: if an infinite number of parallel universes exist, then one with a circular square might exist. But in our universe, the term “circular square” is nonsensical... so we are logically prohibited from using that propositional content as data or for analysis. Therefore, we can neither confirm nor deny that it is a sin to make that claim. Logic demands that we do this since the term “circular square” does not obtain in a logical discussion.

You see, you cannot just throw words together in a sentence. You might get away with that grammatically... I mean... your sentence makes sense as far as sentences go. But it does not make sense as far as propositional content goes. Because of that, we do not have to address your question as it stands. We would like to. But we simply can’t.

This is one of the many reasons why you should take a close look at biblical Christianity — true Christianity. Our God is only interested in truth, so if you are also interested in truth, why not start with a religion that has been claiming truth for two-thousand years… and has been vetted as logical and congruent by scholars and the populace alike?

Here’s the thing: God wants to reason with you — yes you! But you cannot offer words with no meaning as evidence against him in a logical world (... and a logical world is the only type of world you will be living in until you die).

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; Though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” (Isaiah 1:18, KJV 1900, emphases mine).

Let’s move on to the second part of your question now... whether or not God has warrant to create people whose default condition is that of a sinner. I chose my words carefully here: sinner is humanity’s default condition… but it’s not its native condition. Every human is made in God’s image! That’s our native condition. Therefore, he did not create us to sin. But the data is in: it seems that we do sin… and that’s another matter.

Not only is admitting that God set things up so everyone would sin not a sin, it is the heart of the gospel. It drives the atonement of sin through Jesus Christ… which God purposed before the foundations of the world.

My point here is that, not only is there is no logical incongruency in God creating people who will certainly sin, it is a subroutine (if you will) of redemption… and redemption is what allowed him to create beings that could choose to love him… which are the only types of beings that can truly worship him.

Your question is prejudiced by the word “deserves.” God is the only one who deserves anything. The things he created deserve nothing. They simply exist. Now, this is true of human beings too... but there is a critical difference between us human beings and a tree: we have free will... and free will cannot exist in the absence of the potential to sin.

This moral requirement for free will is logical. If free will did not exist in people, then I must ask, why did God create anything? But this is very much like the problem with your question... where the words seem to fit but they had no propositional content.

Casting a sentence that describes a free moral agent who cannot sin is illogical… and as I have said before, God is logical. What I haven’t said was that he can’t not be logical. So, if we want to discover the truth about God, we are “stuck” with the constraints of logic.

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In closing, let me say that Christianity makes sense in two different ways: eternally and immanently. There are people like me who have studied and tested Christianity for over half a century and who have found it true, satisfying and eternal. Yet, it has something of the immediate in it too… the presence of the Holy Spirit… the fellowship with other believers… meaningful service… the confidence that comes from having a congruent worldview. Being a Christian is too good to miss!

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Thank you again for touching down with us at Mainsail Ministries. I will pray that you will continue to pursue the truth… wherever that journey takes you.


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